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List of flyable aircrafts in MP is not sorted


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I create a MP mission and add for example 3 Ka-50 as "client". Then I assign for each of them a group name, unit name, number for the unit so the first one I create is 01, second is 02, third is 03.

But when I go in multiplayer mode and access to the list of flyable aircrafts, then the list is not sorted, even by name, flight number or order I added the unit in the editor !

The list doesn't match with anything logical !


I will post additionnal screenshots when I'll be back home and an example mission, but I think everyone who already made a MP mission saw this problem :music_whistling:


My config is:

1. E6850 core2duo 3Ghz @3.2Ghz

2. Asus P5-K

3. 2 Gb pc6400

4. Asus 8800 640Mo

5. 1 DVDRW + 1 DVD

6. 20Mb bandwith

7. X52 + TIR

8. XPPro 32 bits SP2

Proud to be a [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] :joystick::pilotfly::book:

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Here are the screenshots:


1/ adding first KA50 as "01"



2/ Second KA50:



3/Third one:



4/ The unit list:






5/ And then when in the MP menu to select the flyable aircraft we see that it's not sorted even by # or GroupName.....:



6/ And the mission file:


Proud to be a [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] :joystick::pilotfly::book:

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