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Dedicated Server questions


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I checked the GUI manual but I didn't see anything in there regarding running a dedicated server.


1. Can you run a dedicated server without using an activation

2. Are there any specifications on bandwidth utilization as well as hardware specs on the server itself

3. Can the dedicated server be launched via the cmd(CLI) line instead of going into the GUI.

4. This isn't a first person shooter, so what are the latency requirements on the client side? In other words, is 200ms and under playable by all on the server or do you need to be under 150, or 100 etc etc.


I apologize ahead of time if this had been answered already. My forum search didn't really come up with any good results that answered all the questions.

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This is a little dissapointing. It is not really cost effective to colo a gaming PC in a data center. I was hoping that the standard gaming server footprint that most companies offer would be adequate.


The only other option I have available is to host a "server" on my home connection. Most home connections in the US(unless you have FIOS or the new Comcast speedplus Tier) are really not robust enough to provide a reliable connection for more than 3 or 4 players.


Will there be a dedicated server option in the future? I really think this would help to take Black Shark to a whole new level and I would be one of the first to volunteer to test it for you. Most gaming companies offer th is type of hardware and connectivity:


Intel E8300 1333MHz FSB (2 cores)»2GB DDR2 Ram»160GB SATA HDD»Windows 2003 OS or RHES4»»100mbps Connection



My goal would be to host a site and dedicated server on hardware that is listed above. Of course, one of the main requirements is to have the ability to launch a dedicated server via the CLI(cmd on windows bash on linux).


I hope that this is on the roadmap for the future.

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Are there plans for a dedicated server running on linux?


I have a root server and would love to host a game. And I think most people having a root server are using linux.


I see only 6 servers online where 2 have an acceptable ping but are password protected. Very frustrating.

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