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F10 Map Target Coordinates do not match actual target location


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I need some advice. 

When I click on a stationary ground target on the F10 map and use the bottom left longitude and latitude coordinates and altitude to create a steerpoint, when I arrive at the steerpoint the target is way off the steerpoint and I have to use the Tgp to look around and manually pinpoint the target. 


Why is this the case? Is there something I must do to create a steerpoint using the F10 map coordinates for a stationary target differently? Thank you




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It might be the formate your looking at, in the F10 map are you pressing ALT-Y?


the format should look something like

N39*28.379    E27*42.127


keep in mind tho the first number for the east needs to be 0 when putting the Coords on the aircraft. 

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1 hour ago, warford said:

Hi, thank you. 

I do input the leading zero for the east coordinates first pair and the trailing zero for the third pair of coordinates

If you are inputting a trailing zero for the last pair of coordinates in the Viper, then like Blinky.Ben has mentioned, you are looking at the wrong coordinate type in the F10 Map.

The default coord system for the F10 Map is Degrees' Minutes' Seconds (DD.MM.SS)
N37'25'23 E45'12'17

The Viper users the Decimal Minute system, Degrees' Minutes' Thousands of Minutes (DD.MM.mmm)
N37'25.321  E45'12.282

You can change the default F10 coord system in the settings if you mostly fly the 16, or as Blinky.Ben mentioned use LALT-Y in the F10 map to change coordinate type.


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