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  1. Sort of similar for me but happening during flight, I get that fluctuations in FPS happen based on scenery etc, but this is pretty much an exact halving of FPS, and doesn't seem to be particularly scenery related to me, more like rhythmic time related.
  2. Not the same parameters, but a reduction in framerates to about half. I have noticed this before a few times, but tonight on a multiplayer server I frequent I can recall some details, but no track unfortunately. The server is quite busy with regards to AI enemy air, and lots of ground units on both sides. It was night time so I was using pilot Pinviss (whatever its called), the drop in framerate was almost rhythmic in nature. Flying low over the foliage of the Syria map, the framerate went from steady 45-50, down to 18-20, back up to 45-50 etc every few minutes, like a minute of high and a minute of low, maybe even two minutes of each. Switching off PNVSS (?) or changing the screens on the MFDs didn't have any effect, and I seem to only have this issue in the Apache, I do also fly other helicopters in the server. 12900k 64GB DDR4 3600mhz Nvidia 3080Ti Nvme 2TB Windows Nvme 2Tb DCS
  3. jonsky7


    Hello Is the Map going to feature in the trial licences at all? Thanks
  4. That's the same for me. I don't know how the 1x1 version would work, because you can only export each display once. The displays working in external view differs between aircraft and sometimes patches. You could probably raise the TGP video pausing in external view on the exported display as a bug/issue.
  5. I don't think that is in there, he was just making a suggestion.
  6. You won't be able to do this within DCS itself as you can only export digital displays, you will need an additional program like Helios http://www.captzeen.com/helios/index.asp
  7. Try the guide mentioned above again, it's comprehensive, I wrote it Follow each and every step. There's not really a shortcut for this as everyone's setup is different. I know its long, but it will get you there! If you still get stuck, leave a message in that guide and I'll try sort you out.
  8. I see the same as Exorcet and Moonshine
  9. What do you mean by offset? not looking at the plane? or not following directly behind?
  10. Pretty sure you just use mouse scroll wheel, to move the chase camera forwards or backwards, can even get in front of the aircraft you're filming but you need trackir or similar to turn around, as the mouse positions the camera up/down, left/right.
  11. I have a fairly decent voice attack profile for the NS430 if you're interested in that.
  12. The default opening position is the bottom right, so if you're "total game resolution" extends to the bottom right, where you have no physical screen to display it, you obviously won't be able to see. Not arguing against your point, I agree. Just trying to help. I've done some pretty exhaustive searching for the piece of code that places the NS430 but without success, I think it must be in one of the encrypted files. Example Green box, game resolution multiple monitors Pink, area not displayed as no screen there. NS430 2d window in pink zone. The easiest way to overcome this is to align your monitors to the bottom.
  13. Go into your Saved games folder then DCS then Config Delete or move the file called "Options.lua" This will reset all of the graphic and game settings, or you can just edit it, your keybinds will be safe, they're stored elsewhere. Lines 57-96 are all the graphics settings
  14. "Jump to free Camera" I think the default is LCTRL+F11
  15. Weird, sorry, I don't have any more ideas. If it's just moving the kneeboard that's most annoying, there is a way to change the default opening position of that, check this post out
  16. Ok try this monitor config file imacken.lua It goes in Saved games/DCS/Config/Monitorsetup/ In DCS settings it will show as imacken 1 Screen Choose 3840x2160 as your resolution Set aspect ratio to 3840/2160 (type it in the box) or 1.777777777777 also Navigate to DCS World/Mods/aircraft/AH-64D/Cockpit/Scripts/AI/ and open PrestonAI_page_common.lua Check it against this screenshot, it's best not to use windows notepad for editing lua files, download notepad++ instead.
  17. What resolution is that, ie 2560x1440? 3840 x 2160??
  18. Just tested it on mine, still works for me, and can still move the indicators around. Only thing I can think of is the code in the standard monitor config file is slightly different. What resolution is your monitor?
  19. What's your setup? Single or multiple monitors? If multi is it a single cockpit display or spanned across more than one? Can you post the monitor config file you use? Saved games/dcs/config/monitorsetup
  20. Yeah the inner and outer circles with George commands in them. In the latest open beta patch there was a change so the circle moved from the middle of the screen to the bottom right, or so I'm lead to believe. Can't actually remember if I've been in the Apache since then. (Not at home right now to check) Just to confirm that you used my file to overwrite the original yeah?
  21. I havent checked this since the last hotfix and maybe previous patch, I was under the impression that the location of George Ai had been fixed. I will have a look and get back to you. Edit: Did you try downloading the file from the link in the post? You might have just missed some commenting out or something.
  22. Thanks, sorry I didn't get back to you on your earlier question.
  23. Yeah, took all my mods out, doesn't seem to be an issue in single player, maybe a server issue?
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