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Inputing GPS Coordinates into the NAV system


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Hi all,


I did RTFM but I am a little confused on what the process is to input coordinates into the NAV system and have the aircraft fly to those coordinates using enroute mode. Are there any good step by step instructions?



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Here we go... editing a WP that is already in the PVI-800(which is usually the case as set in the mission editor)...


1. Set PVI-800 mode dial to EDIT.

2. Press WP then 1.

3. Press "0" this sets North Latitude and enter the coordinates(ex: 43.06'.2") and ENTER.

4. Press "0" this sets East Longitude and enter the coordinates(ex: 040.34'.4") and ENTER.

5. Set mode dial to OPERATE.

6. Press WP and 1 and your new waypoint is now set for enroute NAV with autopilot coupling.


Ways to get your LAT LONG are by using the ERBL function of the ABRIS and moving the cursor to a place on the map you want a WP. Then use the LAT/LONG off the ABRIS and set that into the PVI as described above. Or, you can create a flightplan in the ABRIS using the DRAW function, or you can use any LAT/LONG on the map.


Hope this helps.

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Ok, I tried this a few times and it doesn;t seem to be working. I tried editing waypoint 1. Keep in mind that the coordinates that I am entering is a random spot on the map that i am on.

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It seems to work for me if I edit waypoints (change coordinates) already in the INU from the mission editor.

However, in case there were no INU waypoints preprogrammed, if I create new ones inside the mission, the course selector window and double needle in the HSI do not work in Auto Mode, they do not display the course between the current waypoint and the preceeding. Using manual mode and setting the course there is no option since the heading bug does not work as a bearing indicator then, so there´s no way to judge if left or right of course.


Is it a feature that the (automatic) course select needle works for changed but not for created waypoints?


The heading bug working as bearing-to-waypoint indicator in Auto Mode seems like a very strange behaviour to me, I just don´t get the Russian logic of displaying stuff on this HSI. I´d have expected the thin RMI (dedicated ADF) needle to have a toggle switch between ADF and INU waypoint as source, similar to the Airbus RMI selectors between VOR1/ADF1 and VOR2/ADF2. In this case the Ka-50 HSI could be used like the other Russian instrument represented in LockOn where one aligns the small bearing needle with the double course needle to establish on course, instead of having a CDI like in western HSIs.

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I know, you dont want to change the sequence of the waypopints, but I think its the same procedure:


Flight Manual Page 301 (Chapter 6-21)


Changing WP Sequence in Flight

When you wish to change the WP sequence, you can perform the following procedure:


Disengage ROUTE mode by setting the "-" (ROUTE -

DESCENT) switch on the collective to the neutral position.


Turn off the "" (Waypoints) push-light on the PVI-800 Navigation Control

panel. This light and the WP indication number on the display will go out.

Press the "" (Waypoints) push-light and it will illuminate.


On the Navigation Control panel keypad, set the new first WP by pressing the

corresponding keypad button. The number (WP), will then be visible on the



Press the "" (ENTER) push-light and the first WP will be saved into

navigation computer memory.


Repeat this process for the next five WPs.


When complete, turn off the "" (Waypoints) mode. The new WP

sequence will be saved in navigation computer memory.


To activate the new route, press the Waypoints push-light again (the

number of the first WP and navigation data will appear in the display) and

check the correct flight direction to the new, first WP of the route.

Engage ROUTE mode by setting the ROUTE DESCENT switch on

the collective to the ROUTE position.

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