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blackshark\modules\me_logbook.lua:141 attempt to index field 'player' (a nil value)


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Game ran "straight out of the box" no problems initially.

However, whilst editing Pilot Logbook/Profile I at one stage had 2 pilots with same name. Game locked up and on restarting this error comes up and game crashes back to desktop.

...blackshark\modules\me_logbook.lua:141 attempt to index field 'player' (a nil value)


I uninstalled and made sure that no files or folders were left in the Eagle Dynamics folder and also deleted this.


I've tried this twice with a new install and I'm still getting the error.


Please could you advise?




PS Looked and played fantastic before I buggered it up...

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Just to clarify,editing was done within the game, not externally (i.e. using notepad).

Also, none of the reinstalls i've done have asked me for my serial number again.


TBob, did was your error as a result of editing profile?


My System

Vista Home Premium 64

Intel Q6600 Quad Core

4Gb OCZ PC2-8500 1066mhz Reaper

SBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

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Ok, I've manged to get back to a working installation.

After uninstalling, make sure you find EVERYTHING associated with the game. If you have Vista you can type KA-50 in the search box or alternatively just use the XP file search option.

I found more stuff even after uninstalling which possibly still had the corrupted .lua file.

Once i'd deleted all these files and folders too, my re-installation worked.


For now i'm steering clear of the logbook.


Just got to get into memory how to start the thing now.

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Thanks d3, that did the trick. I am now back in the saddle...errr...cockpit in single player. I am also staying away from the logbook. I think when I named my second new pilot exactly after my first "dead" pilot, it caused some problems.


Now, back to tying that low altitude record...................



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