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Desktop or Laptop?


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I have two potential platforms to play BS on but would like any of you experienced simmers who already have the game to advise me on whether it is possible to play the game on either and what to expect on each one.


I usually hate all these "will it play on my system" threads but as there is no demo coming out I really need some advice.


My Desktop is the following Spec:


XP Home

P4 3 Ghz

2GB Memory

GForce 6600 GT (128mb)


My Laptop is as follows:


Vista Home Premium 32bit

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66Ghz

2GB Memory

GForce 8600M GS (512mb)


Is it worth me even trying to run BS on either of these or should I look into an upgrade or a new system??


Thanks in advance for any replies :thumbup:

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My desktop stats are pretty much the same:

XP Pro

P4 3.0ghz

2gig ram

ATI Radeon AGP 9800 pro 256mb


I can run blackshark alright but I just have to turn everything to the lowest. It still looks wonderful though!

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I think from what I've heard lately, your laptop will kill you desktop...

So you should keep a watchful eye over your desktop... When the judge arrives (BS) he will condemn your desktop....

So you and your laptop and BS, will live happily ever after, while I... I will be hungover....

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It would be interesting to see the results. The dual core is half of the hz of his P4, so this would be interesting to see BS's use of the CPU.


My rig is about identical to yours, minus the Graphics card (Nvidia 9800GTX) and it is unplayable in missions (10 FPS and under). Flys great though in a blank mission I created (no AI) though.


If you run it on both, please post your results!

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I have a dell e1705 that matches your laptop specs. Mine has the 7900GO in it.


My desktop also matches yours and I have the same video card. I can say that the laptop will be better as long as you have a great video card.


Just a warning, you WILL want to build a new machine for this game. The laptop does OK with water and effects off, all details set to low at 1680X1050.

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laptop user


Hey Golden28,

I've been playing DCS on my old laptop (rough specs XPhome,P4m70 2.00Gz,Gforce6600Go 256Mb, 2Gz Ram 533,Saitex x52 Pro.)

Close most services with fs-autostart,Med settings but res down to 1024x768(ish) and it plays ok.

I cant say its fast but at least 15fps up to 25 when in battle(clouds are a killer though).

Get a steady 27=fps with FSX and spitfire etc(just to compare) so try it out on your laptop coz you got a whole extra GHZ than me!

If you dont like it or you need really high fps then just upgrade your pc.

That my 2 pennies worth anyway, good luck!!

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