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  1. Own/ purchase as in paying someone to do it or downloading from model sharing website (turbosquid, etc).
  2. People might purchase models and then make the needed changes instead of starting from scratch but correct, plugins only allow for exporting, no importing or viewing within 3ds Max.
  3. Oh, opening/ importing .edm files? No plugins support that
  4. Plugins for 2008 are no longer supported; even if you found a version of it, they export into an older version of the .edm format
  5. That tutorial was probably created when plugins for Max 2008 were available. I don't think Max 2008 has been supported for over a year now
  6. For anyone else having this issue, my guess is that the newest ones are going through changes. Use version 115338 for now.
  7. Because its not a simple DLL file. With each version of 3ds max the plugin format changes slightly; you cant run a 2010 plugin on a 2016 version of max and the plugins are not written for 2016. The installer is actually intelligent and contains plugins for versions 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. It automatically detects what version you have and installs the corresponding plugin version in the correct folder.
  8. right, the tools are ED's own and not available to the public
  9. Do you have multiple layers? I would unlayer everything/ temporary delete any unused pieces You would have to make a Mod so you could add it as a static object in the mission editor. There is no way to have it 'automatically' be placed at a desired spot
  10. 1) In the world folder I think? I cant check on the PC im currently on. 2) .lsa4 - it is a specific format that only ED's engine can understand 3) Land textures are assigned to the mesh prior to exporting to ED's own format.
  11. Is this for one airfield only? All airfields?
  12. Just to expand on this, you can think of modelviewer value of -1 equaling -100 in Max. And a value of 1 in modelviewer = 100 in Max Yes, you can assign separate objects multiple things. For instance if the nose landing gear is argument 0, you could do the following: Rotation argument 0 on the landing gear door Rotation argument 0 on the strut (wheel and all pieces can be linked to the strut to follow it).
  13. It only has to be redone when adding new mesh that doesn't have a material, or if you drag a new material to replace an existing one. Like others have said, its so the game engine knows what kind of shaders to apply to the mesh as well as additional parameters you want to specify. (certain parameters only work with certain material types).
  14. I believe LOD's are part of the visibility setting. Try changing that to a higher value and give it a shot. If not, try a repair in DCS
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