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Lock Camera to special outside position?


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Hey guys,


I'm working on a DCS movie and wanted to ask if anybody knows how I can lock the camera view e.g. to the "wingtip". Glowing Amraam did it in some of his Lock On Videos. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=8C650py9RbE&feature=channel_page at 1:12 !!! F2 or LALT F2 or RALT F2 didn't work...


BTW: Glowing: Very nice vid. I love the colouring...



Thanks for the help,


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  • ED Team

I believe you need to edit a ".lua" file to achieve a different camera spot.


I have requested a "special" wish for this F4 view for future modules to be able to move the camera freely around the player so we dont need to edit any file to change the camera position :)

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