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After action report (sorry no images)


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Noon, getting ready for a training flight with our hosts, russian army aviation, the mission is for a one ship formation (Kamov only did build 20 of these good hardhitting aircraft) to fly up the coast on the Black sea, then make a dash over some small seaside towns, followed by a return flight over the sea, loadout for the flight was 1450 litres of fuel and full cannon and flare stores, wing pylons empty.


I strapped myself into the now familiar helicopter, and my ground captain gave my the usual briefing on the quirks I had to handle. starting the KA-50 has become second nature and is now done without groundpower, I was a bit anxious to be this close to the georgian border after the last conflict here earlier this year.


Tower gave me clearance to turn the engines and I got the beast started, having checked the map and done my preflight I got permission to take off and continue as per flightplan, I turned out over the sea and looked around, then programmed my UV-26 flare dispenser to the standard (for me) programme 3-3-5 (3 flares in 3 cycles with a 5 second interval) I then scanned the sky and the ground to my south... was that a flash on land... Definetely I spotted a smoketrail heading my way fast and started pumping out flares and taking evasive action, the KA-50 has a huge power surplus so that missile streaked beneath me and detonated about 200 meters in front of my ride.


Then I got a radio message "Mya'shoko 501, enemy ground units have crossed the border in your sector, abort mission, return to base and arm up, then find and engage the enemy units". I went low and slow to home plate, then landed and turned my radio to ground frq. asking for an immediate anti-tank load which was granted and mounted on my helicopter very quickly.


Taking off again I head out to sea, still scanning the ground and looking for movements inland, at a range of 8 km the enemy SAM vehicle launch on me again. the missile plunging into the Black sea as I perform evasive maneuvers, I turn on my Shkval TV sensor and find the enemy unit, range is down to 6 km and I get a positive ID on an SA-8 SAM vehicle, I flip my master arm and arm my Vikhr Anti armour missiles, then locking him up and firing a weapon that thunders downrange, it takes less than 10 seconds and the SAM is no more, behind him is the distinctive shape of a ZSU 23-4 I shoot at him immediately and gets another kill. in front of the AD vehicles are a column of 4 T-72 tanks which I destroy fairly easy, making sure to stay out of their engagement zone.


Having killed the last tank (and I will admit sweating profusely) I turn for base, Having landed and shut down the helicopter the base commander came and told me that for an imperialist swine I did ok!


I know that the training here with the KA-50 is not sanctioned to be live fire nor in a warzone I will claim that the georgian SAM vehicle opened up on me while still being inside georgian territory, I was not released to engage before they crossed the border. I do hope this has no impact on my further career!


(originally posted on the Vnavy forums)




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