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Inadvertend full rudder input


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I use the CH rudder pedals. Its hard to feel the center position with the


When i click several trims in a row, i easily get full rudder input through

that trimming (as rudder is not exactly centered).

Putting the legs from the pedals at every trim click is very annoying.


I urgently need a possibility to disable the rudder trim !!

As there is no real force on the rudder (almost no spring power) trimming

of them is useless anyhow.

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Maybe you need to get a replacement spring for it??


Mine are less than 2 months old and the center position would be very hard to miss.

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Its not the question how strong the spring is. If you click the trim 4 times in

two seconds, you will not be able to center the rudder every 0,5 secs without loosing control ...especially without AP channel support :)

With a non FFB stick that won´t bother you too much, but with a FFB stick it makes sense to click the trim much more frequently.

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