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MAP/MISSION for black shark cart or gran black shark-rismo

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ok as the title states..


anyone making a map or mission that involves a race of the kamov war machine?


i was kind impresed with GTA IV multiple game feature that inolved a race around VR rendered NYC , with any vehicle of choice i.e. sports car, emergency vehicle, boats and of course helicopters...it was fun, and i was suprised, i didnt know this was possible in a GTA game..

i didnt make the multiplayer session but someone made a race of strictly helicopters.. i didnt get 1st place, but at least i understood helicopter flight (thankx bf2), got me past finish line, were as many (kids, i assume) crashed and burned, seemed like they never played using a helicopter..

game feature was TOTALLY unexpected.


anyways, i had ALOT of fun racing..

i think FSX has it, even a map like the FSX bomb drop mission for time or score as multiplayer would be great..but IT WOULD BE COOL IF SOMEONE MADE A Ka-50 racing map / mission..

find me on steam! username: Hannibal_A101A


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