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LS-6 500, Multiple

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The Test Setup:
DCS Open Beta
Caucasus Map
Standard DCS Day
- JF-17, Airstart @ 25000 ft
- No Wind
- 50% Fuel
- 2*PL-5EII, 2*LS-6 500, 2*Fuel 800, WMD-7 POD
- GW 24271

- 2* Pre-Planned Targets marked PP1 & PP2
Test Procedure:
- Establish level flight @ 25000 ft, 320 Kts
- Set up the bombs to guide PP1 & PP2
- Impact Azimuth -- Off
- Impact Angel -- -45° (Default Setting)
- Wait for "In Range" que @ around 27nm
- Release Bomb 1 @ 25nm
- Release Bomb 2 @ 15nm
- Observe Flight Model and Impact Angle
Expected Behavior:
- Bomb should follow a straight line at Release Heading to the Target
- Bomb should establish a max Range profile until the desired Impact angle can be achieved
- Bomb should impact the Target at -45°

Actual Behavior:
- Bomb performed an uncommanded horizontal "Wiggle" right after release before turning back to course
- Bomb did establish a direct flightpath to the Target, ignoring the commanded Impact Angle
- Bomb performed an uncommanded vertical "Bobbing" shortly before Impact
- Recorded Impact Angle for Bomb 1 was -9°
- Recorded Impact Angle for Bomb 2 was -17°
- Bomb 2 did the same "Wiggle" and "Bobbing", but more pronounced.

- Flight Model faulty
- Impact Angle setting not working
- As a result of above Range calculation questionable


CAU_JF_LS-6_TST_10.trk CAU_JF-17_LS-6_TST.miz

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1. I dont quite understand:

  Test Procedure: Impact Azimuth -- Off  vs Actual Behavior: Bomb did establish a direct flightpath to the Target, ignoring the commanded Impact Angle 

 where's the commanded impact angle?

2. dive angle not support yet

3. popup at the end (to check)

4. after bomb release, all flight behaviors (i.e Wiggle) are fully controlled by scheme (except impact az)

5. dlz calc, there's no api provided by ED for accurate calc, so it's more of a rough calc (needs ED help)

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