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  1. 中文版的基本完成,有些小错小改仍在继续 英文版的翻译正在进行中 DCS JF-17 Flight Manual CN.pdf
  2. is the ship still drivable in 2.8?
  3. Thanks for the help @Flappie I've no idea about this, but will keep an eye on it.
  4. for Monlya, i think the target size should be SML. the sheet might be out of date RCS<30000 SML RCS>=60000 LAR
  5. cannot reproduce, it's better to share trk also try to use cruise alt low
  6. You are running 2.7.16, even older than current stable version.
  7. from the crash log, your crash is not related to jf17, but more to nvidia it's better to report to ED and also post the full crash package also try to update to latest stable or switch to OB
  8. because AI cannot use tpod defined by 3rd party for laser guided weapon, same for F14. it's reported to ED
  9. just to confirm, you want to adjust CCD level/gain using MFCD brt/cont button?
  10. Here’s a bug and you can only do it with auto start at this moment. It will be fixed in Nov update soon
  11. we tried in MP, and getting hit when guiding sd10, cannot reproduce crash
  12. For Nov OB update: Fixed: integrated configuration panel GUI not open if there’s wind Fixed: Cockpit capture keyboard input when integrated config panel GUI is opened Fixed: LS6-100/250 accuracy issue Fixed: unguided rocket engine not ignition bug Fixed: SPI switched to WPT when WMD7 point track downgraded to area track Added: campaign mission 11 and 12. Now campaign is completed
  13. trk uploaded to ED, ED is working on this issue
  14. Do you also use DiCE or SRS or any other tool that may work with vaicom pro?
  15. @hornblower793 just learnt from that vaicom will modify module device_init.lua file. This in 2.8 will break the IC.
  16. @Hiten Bongz @FlankerFan35 @Dr_Pavelheer If you have again encountered this issue, could you please upload latest trk file of those crash? ED needs trk to debug. Also if you can quickly reproduce it after joining the server, that would be greate.
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