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  1. you can launch it without pod, then it will be like normal AG missile without MITL. However, it's a pure INS guided one, so the CEP might not be good enough to destroy your target under current warhead power.
  2. ALL OFF will not take effect until take off then land.
  3. apologize for the crash, issue has been addressed and fixed. to avoid crash, either born in air or runway and RP set in ME, or launch without pod.
  4. all existing miz made before update no crash only after update and newly created or newly placed jf17 with akg+pod causes crash checking.
  5. is this for quickstart mission or new mission generated after this ob update?
  6. Seems not in this hotfix. Then next update
  7. sorry, there's no public one. I don't know where you can find it online. you might ask on defence.pk, afaik, there're users working for Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. for modern aircraft, it's quite normal that manual can be a bit diff from the different lots.
  8. tried, cannot reproduce any trk? before the loadout being applied, system doesn't know what loadout would be available. so the fuel to be added is based on config before the request.
  9. I understand your concern and point. but manual says 32 + 36 and it's different config for some of jf17 (there's photo). Texture was made based on photo of other jf17. So, at this moment, i will follow the manual. thanks
  10. sorry, our missile engineer was busy and i forgot this thread param updated
  11. Hi PetRock So far no plan yet, but we keep investigating and see if there's any weapon suitable to add. i.e. for brazil MAR-1, we considered it, but have no info of its working mode. Thanks, Xueqian
  12. it's known issue and fixed internally walkaround solution: turn 180 after launch
  13. checked with SME, the designated one is closer to reality. use T5 press to designate new destination. btw, there's bug for akg control area. a walkaround fix is to turn 180 after launching akg.
  14. will check the view limitation
  15. You need to use TARGET app to identify each MFD, for left one, it should be ID 1 (top left light on), for right one it should be ID 2 (top right light on), for center one it should be ID 3 (both light on)
  16. it's not bug, WW f16 throttle already has off/idle detent binding, you don't need kbrd binding
  17. i cannot reproduce with my WW F16 throttle if not uncage, the cockpit throttle grip has no animation no matter how you move your throttle it's better to record a video to show complete step to reproduce it also, how did you bind your throttle axis?
  18. Could you remove (backup) all your F16 MFD x {xxxx} lua files under saved game/dcs/config/input/jf-17/joystick/? Then download attached 3 preset files and put them in DCS installation/Mods/aircraft/JF-17/Input/JF-17/joystick/? And then retry the preset F16 MFD 3.diff.luaF16 MFD 2.diff.luaF16 MFD 1.diff.lua
  19. other cockpit model also have this it's not issue, but more of graphic render of 2 glass null
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