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Is it possible to manage settings for Map Objects with lua script or other?

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Hi all

I am trying to create a mission where a building has to be destroyed with a 2,000 lbs guided bomb, but where you'd first go "roof knocking" by detonating a Maverick over the building to warn off nearby civilians. Only problem is, this three storey building gets destroyed by the impact of the Maverick. And it has to be a Map Object, because there are no multi-storey residential or commercial buildings among the static objects.

So I'm wondering...

Would it be possible to make a script that increases the "life" points of a Map Object, or to make it "immortal" like you can do with units?

Or would it somehow be possible to make a zone within which only certain weapons have effect?

Any help with this would be so much appreciated - I've spent many hours fiddling with this already.



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I'm not aware of any methods to respawn map objects. It would be better if you made the target a static object, which you can respawn if needed.

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