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  1. Im almost certain you could do what you wanted in a single player mission, but not in multiplayer.
  2. Yes, I remove a number of Cat'5' items in my server.
  3. make sure you're not setting the altitude too high, other thn that not sure why the airspeed wouldn't be achieved as you set it on the waypoint.
  4. The first line tells you, wherever PatrolZone is being passed, start there. It's nil for whatever reason and it needs to be something.
  5. Add a do script with a loadfile call to an external file, then load all your custom lua from there.
  6. but like you said, if you had no bottleneck then the gains will be small, for me it was vastly different.
  7. Thats positive, thanks for testing. Yea 2 units of data isnt enough to go on, but it does seem like the timings might be a thing. I'm on much older hardware, 6700K@4.6 2080S so every little helps for me.
  8. Something I made to visualise POI's in Syria, although can apply anywhere. In this instance I was looking for helipads and what kind of buildings were around them, highlighting hospitals. It's a simple bit of code and the output can be very robust. POI_with_helipads_syria.lua
  9. @edmuss That sir is a complex topic and I have a lot of information about it, and it's very frame of reference dependant. In general and overclocking aside I'd say ensure you have no hardware bottlenecks and dont be greedy with settings. A common mistake I see people make is with a bottleneck to the GPU, which can be seen with low GPU utilisation, people lower their settings and it gets worse. Instead try to understand the bottleneck and mitigate it and normally upping a GPU related settings much much higher can ease or fix the issue, as it slows the GPU down and brings it back inline with the CPU. I saw a big improvement each step i got the core latency down and stable. For reference i get zero stutters, zero tiny spikes, butter smooth, Syria, RiftS, visual fidelity high.
  10. Hi, I have messed around with settings and setup a lot over the years trying to get the best VR experience and one thing that I did do which made a huge difference is memory overclocking, more specifically I sacrificed speed for tight timings. I have not seen anyone ever talk about timings and I always wanted to write something but I appreciate that this type of overclock is not for the feint of heart. I wondered if anyone else had seen similar results or has the skill and inclination to give it a go and confirm it is indeed a great way to boost performance. i managed to get my timings to 13-15-15-28 @3000 (32Gb) and importantly a 1T command rate.
  11. Also bear in mind that the speeds on the tasking are in metres per second (i think) and the altitude is in metres, so you’ll have to make appropriate conversations when creating a new or modifying existing tasks.
  12. Mission event id 15 fires when birthed on pressing fly i think.
  13. PravusJSB

    Why Lua?

    It's fast, and flexible, and when you have so many fast moving objects to update across clients it works a treat. On the flip side the syntax is easy to learn but much harder to master, and if you have Lua written in a bad way it can bring the whole thing down and debugging it isn't as straight forward as most. I love it, I think it fits DCS well. I tried built a ML application that took mission data at runtime and it was so cool, Python is a cool language and Lua 5.1 feels dated compared, but it was so slow I abandoned it and moved onto other things.
  14. I've not done any kind of robust testing on it, but from experience, yes.. sometimes it can be a performance hit. It depends on the objects used, how many players, what they're doing, what the rest of the mission is doing and scale.
  15. No, you're trying to call a C function that isn't exposed to the mission luaState, you cannot do that. The function above is the correct one for the OP's question, it resides in 'gui' and 'export' luaState so scripting in those states will achieve what he wants. Further to that I've not looking into this at all, just shooting from the hip so to speak.
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