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Happy Father’s Day 2023


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Happy Father’s Day… may your munitions hit their targets and hopefully you have time today to fly  😆



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Corsair 5000D Black - i913900KS 24 core 3.2GHz - ASUS Z790 Hero DDR5 - 64GB Dominator DDR5 - iCUE H150i Liquid Cooler - QL iCUE Fans- PNY 24GB RTX4090 - 2TB 990 Pro - 2TB 980 Pro - Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS/Throttle and TRP Pedals - Cougars MFD - Total Controls MFBB - TEK AHCP - Trak Racer TR8 Pro cockpit and a frustrating Pimax 8kx Varjo Aero.... "So I commandeered the police car and was giving people rides in it for $80… I don't call it a drinking problem; I call it a 'making to much money' problem"--Jungle Recon

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