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CTD as AI heli turns on LandAndRearm waypoint on Helipad


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So i put a invisible FARP on a Helipad.

Had several issues when starting the AI mission from  ground, so i decided to start them Midair.
When on their way back, turning into the last Waypoint at which they should land, i've get a CTD.

Log says something about \bin-mt\dcs.exe ACCESS VIOLATION.

Did send the report to ED, and will create a quick mission to reproduce it.
Best guess now: the invisible FARP is below the actual Helipad, which would explain my errors when starting from ground, but the CTD is beyond my understanding.

Will post the LOG this evening together with the mission and track if possible.

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On 11/2/2023 at 9:20 AM, Pally said:

Hi GrafRotz:

Per your original post and solution to DCS crashes, the last LandAndRearm waypoint command was not the culprit at all? 


first sorry, the Forum did not notify me on your post.

second sorry, I don't remember my solution to this, as I played a lot around with DML and persistency and what not.
Best guess was my implementation of DML and not the waypoint itself.

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Thanks for relying.  Turns out the issue is may be DCS itself re MT build.  It crashes less now.  Waiting for more patches to come. 

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