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computer calculated release point


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I know very few people use bombs on the Black Shark and that they are not very effective but I want to use the cluster munitions in some specific circumstances. CCIP is in the Ka-50 already but it is not very helpful when dropping bombs. Because the Impact Point pipper is so far down that most of the time you can not see it if you are high up or going slower than top speed.

I think CCRP would be extremely helpful because I could before hand pick where I wanted to drop my payload so I can focus on flying straight over the target.

Using the Shkval as a bomb sigh is not very useful because when bombing the calculated impact point is almost straight down and with the low FOV of the Shkval you have almost no time to react when an enemy shows up on the sight and if you are off by just a little it is very easy to fly by your target.

The Ka-50 already has the technology to do CCIP so I dont think it would be too much of a leap for it to also be able to do CCRP, they would only need to add a switch somewhere in the cockpit to switch from CCIP to CCRP.

I suggest it should work just like CCRP in the Su25t but you target with the Shkval.

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Is this a request ? Unless it was present in the real aircraft and there's documentation to prove it, there's no reason for it to be added to the sim (the keyword is simulator after all, DCS should reflect reality even if some liberties are taken at times).



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Full fidelity su27/mig29 ?

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