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(C + M or SW) R mode gun reticle does not take priority over other modes.


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If you have selected any A/G ammunition (including Air-Ground guns)  and set a manual depression for gunsight, pressing the

(C + M or SW) R button, does not bring up the Air-to-Air gunsight reticle mode , it stays in the previously selected Air to Ground mode and depressed.

The IR missiles are correctly selected though.

This is contrary to the manual:

"A dogfight mode, called rapid cannon + MATRA R550 or SW, is available through the (C + M or SW) R button on the throttle. When the button is pressed, the sight changes to cannon air-toair mode with radar guidance, the outer missiles are selected and a green light on the side of the sight mount turns on. Further short presses of the button release the current radar lock and command a radar search in front of the current target. A long press of the button commands the restart of the search pattern from the initial position. The (C + M or SW) R mode can be exited by actuation of an unstable switch on the left wall of the aircraft."

and also seems to contradict the real F1K50ED manual, which also states that this mode takes priority over any other mode previously selected. 



Short track attached, showing first selecting fuselage bombs and a manual depression and then pressing the (C + M or SW) R button





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