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  1. You will have a radar guided moving gunsight with lead factored in and range info on the reticle, even with this old HUD on the -E. If you have the F-5 Tiger II, it’s gun sight is very similar to the one used by the -E. Unfortunately the one on the F-5e is a bit bugged in regards to lead calculation.
  2. Awesome Don Rudi!! Thanks so much for making that mission! Must have been a ton of work with all that documentation ! Looking forward to giving it a try. Thanks again!
  3. If you remember the name of the podcast again or find it again by chance.could you link it here?sounds interesting! Kind regards , Snappy
  4. In addition to what IvanK wrote: The button not seeming to change the range for the gun reticle irritated me as well at first, but to switch between 300m and 600m gun range you simply need to press and and hold it for a bit longer, maybe a second or so. If you just click (assuming HOTAS or Joystick now) and immediately release it, it doesn’t work.Just keep it pressed a bit longer and you can see the gun reticle jump , up or down, showing the range has changed. Unless they fixed it with the last patch, unfortunately the scale above the gunsight, indicating gun range(only in weapons mode, normally its the compass display) , doesn’t change and stays stuck at 300m.Think that’s a bug. Hope this helps a bit. Kind regards, Snappy
  5. Hi ED, are there still scheduled performance improvements coming for the marianas map? Compared to the other maps, it still runs very badly in regards to FPS ,even when lowering shadows or switching them off. However it seems, there havent been a lot of significant updates to the map after release and it has been been quiet about this map for quite a while now. The scenery is very beautiful, but the performance really reduces the immersion, unless you have an extremely powerful machine, but even high end users seem to report significantly less frames. Do you still have any performance improvement updates planned for this map? Anyway, thanks a lot for making the map available for free. Regards, Snappy
  6. No, ED needs to start modeling RWR detection deeper/correctly , if you had bothered to dig a little deeper, instead of putting out some simple "Tomcat is supposed to be crap" line, you might know. Both aircraft use the AN/ALR 67 system . This comment by Heatblurs Ironmike explains pretty well the differences between the stock ED RWR logic and what Heatblur did instead in their simulation of the RWR system . And no, the receivers on the moving control surfaces are not the only problem for accuracy. The system is not perfectly accurate in reality either.
  7. Glad you posted that. I set up a JTAC mission which works with the Mirage 2000 but not with the Mirage F1 now matter which radio (red or green) I tried on the correct JTAC frequency from the mission editor, the JTAC prompt never shows up in the communication menu., only the usual AWAC, ATC and wingmen lines.Thought I was going crazy.Had GBUs loaded, so weapons were not the problem. But it seems to be a bug then. Kind regards, Snappy
  8. Hi, are there any plan to overhaul the RWR indications to make them more realistic with ambiguities and inaccuracies, similar to the Heatblur simulates this on their F-14? As of now the Hornet seems to indicate threats with seemingly 1 degree accuracy. I know the F-14 uses an older RWR system, but then again some inaccuracy is inherent due to the involved physics, as far as I understood it. regards, Snappy
  9. Hi, MISS indeed is setting the audio volume for the missile tone. The MKR+TP knob regulates audio volume of the outer and inner marker beacons passage sounds, (the beep beep beep you hear when overflying them during approach). The RAP+CME is most likely (going from the Mirage 2000 now) regulating audio volume for the radar warning receiver alerts. The AMP 1/2 selector (again going from the successor M2000) selects which amplification chain is used. In reality I can imagine it was used to better identify ground based navigation stations (VOR or TAC) morse ID code under bad reception conditions or at long distance, (I.e. for checking if the morse audio signal was coming through better identifiable by selecting the other amplification chain). I don’t think the different chains are simulated in DCS, but not sure . Hope this helps a bit. Regards, Snappy
  10. Just to confirm, you are now talking about how the real aircraft works? or the DCS module? Because point 4 doesnt seem to work for me . Kind regards, Snappy
  11. No, I don't really understand what you mean then, the instant mission are dogfight tutorials, matching the standard of DCS .... If you want to be taught actual BFM/ACM , look up the freely available literature sources . Feel free to let me know which other DCS module offers "dogfight tutorials" that match your personal expectations , that tell you exactly what to do at which speed and how many G to pull and when to fly lead/lag. etc.
  12. Hi, it’s only a verysmall thing, but new users might get confused by this. In the official landing mission on the marianas map, the briefing refers to ILS 06R, but the ILS frequency in the same briefing is actually the one for runway 06L at Guam .So if you fly Glideslope and Localizer correctly you will end at the touchdown zone of runway 06L. So either the frequency or assigned runway should be changed in the briefing. Kind regards, Snappy
  13. This doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.Even with a radar lock the distance tape shows 300 in DCS . Even with 600m range selected and like I said , in this version the radar doesn’t seem to assist at all, even when you get a target lock indication.
  14. Like the title say, does the CE Mirage really have not not radar ranging/assisted gunsight mode or is that mode simply not implemented yet? I find it kind of curious that you only get a very basic manual gunsight with only 2 preset ranges (300m/600m) , not even with selectable target wingspan, like in WWII fighters already head. While at the same time its contemporaries , like the F-4, F-5,F-104 and so on all featured a radar assisted gunsight already as pretty standard equipment. Ok, maybe they thought at the time, gun fights were a thing of the past and missiles only was the way to go. Then again I found this HUD picture from a greek F1CG , which shows a range to target of 420m on the distance tape, so there must at least be an option for selecting individual ranges or radar ranging. nullRegards, Snappy.
  15. Agree completely. Low res textures are no problem and I take them any day instead of low/buggy functionality and this definítely is one of the more polished EA releases in regards to functionality&FM. Very nice all in all. @Falkaroth Regarding Dogfights tutorials, not sure what you mean.There are even 2 of them , under instant action - caucasus , one with guns and one with missiles.
  16. Well, quite a few of the modules in DCS saw no or little action. That shouldn’t be a reason to exclude it.Besides if you included it, people would still have the option to vote for the J or B.
  17. This. I also interpreted it that way. Basic functions means just attitude hold, nothing else. Its probably just wording.There are some paragraphs in the manual, with a bit sub-optimal wording choices, but then again understandable if written by a non native-English speaker. Hopefully it gets polished a bit more in the future.
  18. You forgot to include the -S variant No offense, but incomplete choices in polls end up in skewed and non-representative results.
  19. I meant Aerges‘ own Mirage F-1 wishlist subforum, which they have. Not the official ED one… I don’t disagree with you, that increasingly accurate radar simulation is being implemented and sure it would be nice if Aerges could join in. Still even EDs own radar and rwr implementations are sadly lagging behind 3rd party, so I would call in-depth radar simulation „standard“ and more of a wish or sign of excellence. Hence wishlist. But feel free to argue semantics.
  20. This might be better off under "wishlist". Kind regards, Snappy
  21. Well , thats easy. Once you blow away the canopy for ejection, the cabin pressure is going to equalize to ambient air pressure really fast . /s :))
  22. Hmm, the text says „The transponder permits the identification, friend or foe, of an aircraft.“ and not something „allows identification of ownship as friendly.“ guess we will see . edit: Ok I get it now, since it’s called transponder, you’re probably right, it will not be able to interrogate.
  23. Well it does have an IFF system, so that problem is mitigated.See the manual released by Aerges already for further information. it’s not yet functional in the first release, but I assume it will receive functionality in a future update.
  24. So what ? They were jettisoned by navy Jets in Vietnam for air combat too, for example. So „Never , ever“ is simply not true. Don’t have to believe me. Look up the Jerry Beaulier aircrew interview about his time flying the F-4 in the USN.
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