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More Lua help needed

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Below is a script intended to create a table of all Red Groups and if inside a certain range give BRA updates to the player. The script runs with no errors logged in DCS.log file, however the BRA message never prints. Also the debugging messages as commented in code never print. I suspect there is a problem with my table or point finding method. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



local bogeyrange, bogeyrangeNM, update
update = 60

function AWACS()
-- create table of RED AIRPLANE Group
redgroups = mist.getGroupsByAttribute({category = 'AIRPLANE', coalition = "red"}, 2, true)
-- get location of RED groups
for i, redgroup in ipairs(redgroups) do
    trigger.action.outText('Iterating Table',30) --msg never prints
    redgroupPos = mist.getLeadPos(redgroup)
    trigger.action.outText('Current Group Position ' ..redgroupPos, 30) --msg never prints
    -- get location of player Unit
    playerPos = Unit.getByName('player'):getPosition().p    
    -- determine range of RED Groups to player
    bogeyrange = mist.utils.get2DDist(redgroupPos, playerPos)
    bogeyrangeNM = mist.utils.metersTONM(bogeyrange)
    trigger.action.outText('Range to Bogey is ' ..bogeyrangeNM, 30) --msg never prints
    -- determine if bogey relevant to player
        if  bogeyrangeNM <= 100 then    
        -- output BRA of RED groups to player
                units = Group.getUnits(redgroup),
                ref = 'player',
                metric = false,
                text = 'Bogey BRA ',
                displaytime = 15,
                msgFor = {units = {'player'}}
-- set update rate based on Bogey Range
--if bogeyrangeNM < 60 and bogeyrangeNM >= 40 then update = 30 
--elseif bogeyrangeNM < 40 and bogeyrangeNM >= 10 then update = 15
--elseif bogeyrangeNM > 10 then update = 10 end
mist.scheduleFunction(AWACS, {}, timer.getTime()+ 10, update)

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