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Over-G causes a bent wing


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This is a thing with this module, right?   Many times I've pulled excessive G's and the plane then has a strong roll tendency to one side.  It's really cool that the damage is modelled this way instead of just snapping a wing off every time.  I just wanted to make sure that's what I'm experiencing, and that I'm not misinterpreting it when it might be something that's actually fixable in flight.

I will add (for the devs) that after nursing the jet home I cannot repair this damage on the ground.  I have to get a new jet.  I'm not sure if that's intended... but it sorta makes sense actually.

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Hi @HawkEXO,

Yes, permanent wing deformation with excessive G is a thing in the module since it was released. Eventually the wing can snap too.

But from what we can tell it is indeed repaired on the ground. Stores can also be lost from overG so check if the aircraft still has a symmetrical payload after repair. Otherwise we would appreciate if you could attach a track, in the Caucasus map if possible.

Btw, thanks for noticing this little detail!

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I reviewed the multiplayer track but I don't think it's going to help.  The OverG incident was on my second flight, but before the first one is over the track is completely desynced from what happened.  It's so bad that it shows me crashing on the first flight even though I actually went on to score a kill, land, rearm, and go back up.  That's when i merged with a MiG29 and OverG'd and had to fly home.   But the second flight never materializes in the track replay because the sim thinks I'm dead.

I never took off after doing the repair because the HYPER light was still on.  I just assumed that meant the damage was not fixed.  Maybe that is informative somehow.  Was there a way to clear that caution light?

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Yes, unfortunately that tends to happen in multiplayer.

So, wing deformation has a chance to jam flaps/slats. That's probably the reason for the light. Might be a bug, I'll investigate. If it happens again, you can always try to force the retraction of the high lift devices and see if the light goes off.

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So I over-G'd her again today,and did a repair again.  HYPER light was still on after repair as before, but you were correct about cycling the high lift devices switch and it went away.    Flew fine on the next flight.  Thanks. 

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