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Bullseye Bearing on HUD Disapears when in HOME Cruise mode

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With bullseye mode enabled, and in the HOME mode on the Cruise page, the bearing for bullseye in the bottom-left of the HUD goes away. However, the range for bullseye still remains.

I don't believe bullseye info should go away in this mode, and if it is actually suppose to, the range is still there.

F-16 HOME No Bullseye Bearing.trk

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Hi, @Voy

If you take a look at the data that is displayed on the HUD when selecting CRUISE/HOME, it's not the bullseye range. This is a different value.

What you are seeing is the estimated fuel above Home point in hundreds of pounds. If you go below bingo, you should also see a "FUEL" warning on the left of it. 


This is correct behaviour and does replace the bullseye information on the HUD.

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