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Re: zzzspace


heh, thanks for asking, I received SCS Dangerous Waters last week (which btw has no disk copy protection scheme or activation of any kind :shock: a very brave move for a net-centric distribution … but the awesome PRINTED 565 PAGE MANUAL is the real selling point which makes you want to pay for DW from BattleFront.com) and have been playing multiplayer ever since. It's brilliant, but with a few bugs to be patched (of course) and some annoying instability issues in multiplay. Steep learning curve but has very good novice modes. When multiplay works there is nothing better out there.

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Kula, I haven't heard of others having a similar problem occur. I tried the demo myself a couple of times before getting the full version and it worked without a hitch. It’s odd that a PC that can play Lock On is having a problem running the DW demo.


For me I find single play is solid, it does not crash, but multiplay is prone to crashes. I've crashed twice and locked-up once in multiplay, but others I have played with regularly are crashing more often. We’ve also found some missions crash while others don’t seem to and that as with Lock On, the amount of stuff in the mission makes a big difference to it’s smooth in-game performance and data correspondence.


Having said that though, I played a four hour multiplay mission last night (big map with few units). I figure the quickest way to get this mp instability fixed is to support multiplay testing effort so the pros can isolate what is causing this selective instability.

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S! zzzspace


Mate did u order your copy through battlefront.com or an online retailer?

2-4 weeks seems a long ime to wait when forking out that kind of dollars. I might wait a little to see if a sim online retailer gets it in.





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ZZZspace, I remember I've had I688: Hunter Killer sim, from Sonalyst. That one was great :shock: Especially the campaign. I played some MP games even! :)

I think I still would be able to find I688 CD.

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