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Difficulty locking targets in TWS

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Hello all!

I've always had a frustrating time getting a lock on a target while in TWS. With DL on I've got my range at 40, azimuth at 40 and 4 bar scan. AZ/EL display is in left DDI showing that my radar elevation is good. Even when contact is within 25 miles and PRF is set to MED (acquisition to MAN) I just can't seem to get a reliable L&S lock when using TDC depress or the undesignate button. Master arm is ON and obvs in AA mode. AIM-120C 

Thanks for any help - I figure I'm missing something or maybe the contact is jamming me? Happy to share a .miz file later if that is helpful  

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1- If the target is HOT aspect, PRF to MED will make it difficult for STT. Keep on interleave (MED + HI) until you're comfortable with the systems.

2- Are there bricks showing bellow the hafu symbology? Bricks mean your radar is picking up returns from the object and STT is possible if you have it constant. Your radar won't be able to lock data link contacts without own radar returns.

3- TDC depress should STT a contact but ONLY if the yellow cursor is over the contact. Undesignate will unlock from STT and further undesignate commands will cycle designation between available contacts.

4- Instead of slewing the cursor onto the contact and if the screen is not cluttered with radar returns from other objects, you can reliably quickly STT a designated object by SCS-Right for AACQ mode (auto acquisition). The radar will STT the first return its scan will pick up. It saves time but beware if the area is cluttered.

Hope it helps. Happy flying!

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