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Black Shark - export.lua function issues

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Hello guys Been messing with this to see what data I can export, I'd really like to make a proper sim pit with moving dials and indicators. The main problem is that the help file was written for Lock On and that the great majority (if not all) of the LO* () functions are either disabled or have (i hope) been re-written for BS. There's no point even attempting to start on my project until I can work out what information I can export. Basic things like altitude, pitch, yaw and roll are working (that's the HSI sorted then) but stuff like atmospheric pressure and engine RPMs aren't working. I can't find any online reference to any updated functions, could anyone help me on here? Thanks Tim

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Wow! As a non-LockOn guy, I had no clue this feature was here. I've been asking on forums how to get data from the game, but have been asking the wrong questions. :smartass: Thanks, Timmeh!


I second the request for update of info on Export.lua for Black Shark.


Are you making your utility entirely using .lua files in Black Shark or using an external app (c++, etc.)?

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Oh cool


So it looks like I'll have to wait for the PCIP to get written then :)


Einstein; basically the functions in export.lua allows you to open a luasocket and send plain text to another socket, over a LAN or to the same PC (via localhost.) Lua is not much more than a C wrapper which allows realtime execution of most standard C functions and routines.


What I'll be doing is coding a listener app, written in Borland C++ Builder, which acts on data recieved from BS to drive the physicalities of the cockpit, such as indicator lights and dials.


As I've already got enough to build a running HSI, altimeter and radalt I'll post some stuff on here soon as I finish.


If the PCIP turns out as I hope and allows you to read every aspect of the aircraft then it should be possible to faithfully recreate a complete Ka-50 cockpit. It might cost a few thousand pounds but it's still cheaper than the real thing.



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