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Hello all I need some help when playing MP I allways get a server shut down and the server is still running so I just rejoin this is a pain in the AS$ can some plz HELP:(



High speed internet cable

My system

Vista Home Premium 64Bit

Corsair 1000 Wat

MB EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI

Ram Corsair 4GB 2x2GB DDR3 1600 cl 9-9-9-24

V Card EVGA GTX 295

Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 LGA775 3.0 GHZ

Hard Drive Western digital Velociraptor WD 300GB SATA2 10000RPM


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MadMax, triggerhappy69 had some similar issues - there were several factors probably playing along to contribute:

1. He was on a highspeed WLAN link - had to link up with cable.

2. He was connected to a DLINK (with old firmware) and people reporting similar issues. (He is planning on upgrading the firmware).

3. He was using Win7 and both the IPv4 and IPv6 stacks. We disabled IPv6.

4. At some stage he even reinstalled DCS:BS just to try to stabilize things.


All in all, it worked. In your case however, you may also have several factors contributing in your case.

So maybe you can do the following:


Diagnostic steps:

1. Keep a ping running at all times againt the server IP you are playing at, for example (fake IP): PING -t

General responce in milliseconds are interesting - drops during gameplay are interesting.

2. Do a pathping to the same IP (once before playing): pathping


This may give us some indications about the state of your connection and the route to the server.

Please report the results here in a post or five.


Random checks / fixes:

1. Disable IPv6

2. Check all your cables/WLAN - disable (device and connections) the one's you dont use.

3. Dont use WLAN if possible.

4. Change cables (just to try to get a different sum of things).

5. Maintain at least ONE firewall active (hopefully you have one on your your router) - disable the others (on your PC). Just dont sit unprotected on internet when you disable the firewalls.

If you have some "custom" firewalls - can you switch to another product to test?

6. Any other security software that may be contributing, but can be temporary disabled?

7. Using some WAN software from your ISP? Could it be something there?

Is there something your could do to verify / change things there?

8. Any routers / hubs / switches on your side that may be a contributing factor - replace and test with others?

9. Be 100% sure that you have a general healthy computer;

- No viruses (or previous infections).

- No crosslinked files / cluster. Run CHKDSK.

- No other generic issues on yor computer, check eventlogs apps / system for warnings and errors.

- All Overclocking turned off during test / diagnistics - you can turn it back on if you have success.

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