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A short tease...


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Hi there...

It's seems Maxim and I would go a bit further after some time "laying on the cradle..." development starts again...


Here's a reminder what I'm talking about:




LCD display showing Flight data using LUA export with combination of LCDSmartie.


Back then (Seems like ages ago) Interface was with parallel port.


Now running with USB connectivity .

Relative availability of time and the urge to do something useful that lays over DCS apart from LOCK ON we decided of DEVELOPING DCS_LCD.


Here's how it's looks like in action with Lock On FC:




Now that I got the LONG ANTICIPATED home CNC that I made, maybe it would become possible to make some for those who cannot make their own... :thumbup:


A picture of the CNC milling the PCB is attached just for a reference....


Light up you'r imagination and come up with ideas for DCS_LCD.


Nir Bar



"In the warrior code there's no surrender,

though his body says stop,his spirit cries...

NEVER !!!"

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