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More FPS Over Water - With No loss of Detail

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Been tooling away at the water textures somewhat, and thought I'd share. This mod increases FPS without losing the rippling wave effect currently in Lock On. I'd imagine the difference is significant - people with their water settings set to 'Low' should be able to move up to 'Medium,' and those with 'Medium' up to 'High.'


Here's a screen. The one on the left is water (with the mod) set to 'High'; likewise, the one on the right is water set to 'Medium.' I'm not gauranteeing that everyone will get over a 100 FPS with 'High' water, but it should be more than enough to move you up one level in water detail.




Look for it at Lomacfiles.com





April 2005

By D-scythe


NOTE** In the image accompanying this package, the pic on the left is FPS with water on

'High,' while the one on the right is water on 'Medium.'



For those that want high FPS yet also would like keep the ripples and waves, this mod's for

you. It significantly increases FPS over water (and probably over land too, since water is also

rendered under it), yet keeps the nice rippling wave effect, with little - if any - loss in detail.



Install with LOMAN 2.0 or higher. To manually install, unzip files into the

Bazar/Effects/WaterNormals folder.


Release Notes:

April: V1.00

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FYI water being rendered under terrain only when you see it, ie tears through the terrain. If you cannot see it it isn't processed.

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This one's definately going in and will be tested extensively when I get home from work =)


Great work as always, D =)



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Downloaded it and will chechk it this weekend. Now I have to go to work! :(

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Hi. I made a similar mod about 6 months ago.




The water mod gives the reflective surface without the moving "texture" of water (medium - very high); From thirty water tiles that were 256 x 256 pixels a piece (all loaded for water), I made thirty water tiles that are 4 x 4 pixels a piece.


Unfortunately, people who had cards like yours (which could render at at such high framerates) reported very little noticeable difference.


Hawg, I know about your mod - I've used it up until now. Your mod generates a huge FPS improvement, but some people may want to keep the moving water textures. My mod does not have as high a boost in FPS, but it keeps the effect.


But certainly, whoever wants super-high water FPS, yours is the way to go.


When you say you've worked on the textures to improve FPS, what do you mean, from a technical standpoint


Reduced the size of the 28 WaterNormal textures to save some GPU power. To compensate in the loss of resolution, the alpha channel controlling transparency and stuff have also been tweaked, sharpened, etc., although mind you, there is still a loss in detail. Nonetheless, IMO, it is negligible, as it really doesn't 'show' in the game.



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Are we ok so far with this 1.1 version and these water tiles? Also LOMAN is still ok?


I don't want to goof something up if Ruggbutt has caught something with the activations and reinstalling...


Looks like a nice water mod.


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