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  1. I've just picked up a 4200+ X2 and an X1800XT, and I have to say... the X2 is damn good. I do, however, still need to get the RAM sorted, as it's been carried over from my old machine and appears to have... issues. Timings had to be really slow to stop it from falling over - no more TwinMOS RAM for me - GeIL and Corsair all the way!
  2. Fantastic! Thank you for the response, Bogun, it is appreciated :)
  3. Erm... the v1.12 bug fixed list? Got a link handy? :)
  4. Are external views still active on the JaBoG server?
  5. Online LOMAC has been alive and well, I've been playing 2-3 evenings a week with Slopey, my wingman, save for the last week, which has been BF2 ;)
  6. Sorry, yes, my bad. I think my mind skipped over that part :X Maybe a new motherboard would be a good idea... be cheaper than getting a gig of RDRAM, anyway...
  7. Sorry, mate, well off. 512Mb of PC3200 (DDR400) RAM costs... £21-25 quid per stick. http://www.aria.co.uk It's not going to cost you a grand to get 2Gb. GGTharos - 4*256Mb is not a good idea. It means that all the slots are filled, and if he starts doing some more memory-intensive stuff, or he wants to play more memory intensive games (Planetside, for example, can take up to 1.3Gb of memory), he will have to go through the same process again. I'd get 1Gb, in the form of two 512Mb sticks, and put in two of your existing 128Mb sticks, for 1.25Gb.
  8. There was no mention of the LOMAC stuff in the dirver release notes; I suspect that the changes were pulled for some reason.
  9. azezul: I always go for 400W+, good power supplies... ever since I had the same thing happening. Well, something similar: every time I started using one of my old graphics cards in a 3D game, the machine would reboot. It was because of the power draw. Thanks for having the balls to post this as well - it could well help others with the same problem :)
  10. Omega are the Catalyst drivers, just with slightly different default values. They really aren't that different at all. If they do work, it will be due to one of the tweaked options, not ay fundamental difference in the drivers.
  11. Okay... there's another one that I was saving in case the other stuff fixed it. Check what your AGP voltage is set to in the BIOS. The standard is 1.5V, however, some boards don't provide enough juice. I have a high quality board, but to maintain rock solid stability I still have to put the power on the AGP slot up to 1.6V. I don't have a PCI-E card, so if you're running one I'm not sure if that's applicable. Find out if you are using US or USWC (that's off the top of my head - may be different) on the AGP slot. The option may not appear in the BIOS. Have you actually completely removed LOMAC and reinstalled it from scratch? Also, when you are changing graphics card drivers, are you completely removing them, and rebooting in VGA mode, then installing the new ones? If not, that could well be causing the problem. You can get some utilities that can help with total removal of drivers on http://www.guru3d.com What graphics card are you running on at the moment?
  12. Okay, putting up the standard disclaimer (if you do this and something screws up, it isn;t my fault): I would really, really, update the motherboard drivers. If it's a KT600 chipset you'll want to download the VIA 4-in-1 'Hyperion' drivers from the VIA site. It may also be an idea to update the motherboard BIOS. VIA drivers (especially those that ship with the boards, which are often rushed out to meet shipping deadlines) are notoriously flakey. Screwed AGP drivers can cause the sympomns that you are describing.
  13. Foxter, what motherboard / chipset are you running on, and what version of the motherboard / chipset drivers do you have installed?
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