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1.1 Install Advice

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When installing 1.1, I would suggest doing the following:


- Download the 1.1 add-on. If you get an error when in installing later, you may have a bad download and have to download again. You may download as many times as need be.

- After downloading the file, go the the Download page and write down the Key number it gives you next to the Download button.

- Uninstall all LockOn versions (1.0, 1.01, 1.02, demos). Do this before installing the add-on.

- Manually delete the Ubisoft/Eagle folder

- Restart Computer

- Install 1.0 Lock On official version (you do not need to install 1.01 or 1.02 patches)

- Launch 1.1 installer

- After starting the game for the first time, you will be requested to enter your Key. Your Key is on the FILES --> DOWNLOAD page of Eagle's site. Copy and Paste the key into the StarForce field or enter it manually. You MUST enter this key to properly run the game.




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A little extra note:

If you didnt follow Wags instructions (:icon_hang ) and uninstalled the 1.1 demo after having installed 1.1, you might encounter a runtime error when attempting to start up Lock-on 1.1.


If this happens, do the following:


Locate the "lockon.bat" file inside the Lock-on 1.1 parent folder and double click it. This will start up 1.1 and update the Windows registry - here after you can run 1.1 using the normal shortcut again :)


- JJ.


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my .02$:

1) always use a manual method of activation. this will guaranty that nothing is sending and receiving via network. also, this will help you to avoid "hang-up" problems with starforce automatic activation, which is happening on some specific network configurations, when using some firewalls, etc.

2) after getting "machine code", go to proactive.star-force.com and manually enter machine code and serial key. you'll get activation key and number of how many activation left.

3) always save your machine code and activation keys to text file, just in case.

4) remember: everytime you ask for activation key on site, you getting minus one activation left, even if you didn't change anything in your hardware. so first try to solve problem with your current activation keys, which you have saved in text file.

5) before uninstalling LO:FC, backup "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn 1.1 Flaming Cliffs\Keys" registry key. This might help you to avoid of unnecessarily activations if you didn't change your hardware.

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