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Flaming cliffs addon will not install after download

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I just bought got the addon for lock on via paypal. I download it, then installed a fresh copy of lockon my pc. No need for regedit here as its not been on my system for ages. I wen to install the addon, but it will not install. I got an E3 error.


Could you please gives me some advice


best wishes

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  • ED Team

- Download the 1.1 add-on. If you get an error when in installing later, you may have a bad download and have to download again. You may download as many times as need be.

- After downloading the file, go the the Download page and write down the Key number it gives you next to the Download button.

- Uninstall all LockOn versions (1.0, 1.01, 1.02, demos). Do this before installing the add-on.

- Manually delete the Ubisoft/Eagle folder

- Restart Computer

- Install 1.0 Lock On official version (you do not need to install 1.02 or 1.02 patches)

- Launch 1.1 installer

- After starting the game for the first time, you will be requested to enter your Key. Your Key is on the FILES / DOWNLOAD page of Eagle's site. Copy and Paste the key into the StarForce field or enter in manually. You MUST enter this key to properly run the game.

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Try to use manual activation. It must help in this case.

Soon on or site will be published a Star Force activation instructions.

With Best Regards!

Daniel Tuseyev

Il-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Rise Of Flight projects manager

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