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Why Does Mouse Look not work

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I am having trouble, it used to work fine, but I mapped mouse movement to move the target designator, now I have undone that but it wont work.


I am using LOCFG, and I set the mouse to 'move the cockpit view' and save, but then it does not work, and when I go back the option is unchecked.


Also, I cant get camera jiggle (Shift - J) to work. It also used to work and now it does not.


I am making a movie and I need both of these features.\


Any idea what I can do?

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That would be exactly what I was looking for...I couldnt remember what the files were called.


I will try that, I had to finish the video without using either of those, but it still came out ok, check out the link I will post in the Screenshots and Videos section shortly.


Thanks for the help, I should be able to sort it out for next time.

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