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Rfactor thread


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really enjoying rfactor just got into it, concept of open modding was a little doubtful on me at first, but i decided to buy this, boy am glad i did, the community modding is at a very high standard. this game is absolute delight, first package i downloaded and tried was old race muscle cars from the 60s and 70s.


Called = Historic GT & Touring cars mod .


tracks selection is impressive as well to select and download , opted for 1977 lemans track to also try out.


made a small video of me flying around lemans in the dead of night , with 40 monster 1970s ai race cars on track.


beautiful sounds and visuals in some of these mods.





more vids to come.

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Awesome mod! I used to love the GT2 Porsches in Enduracers.


Dammit now you're making me wish I had a wheel again so I can get back into rFactor.


Although I never quite managed to get the setups to my likings in it, but then that's probably because of my lack of experience on the tracks and trying to set the car up for my basic mistakes of not knowing the tracks...


Have you tried the Porsche Carrera Cup cars? They're a real blast for close racing with the limited setup options.

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