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Help setting up flightstick?


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I just recently bought Black Shark off of D2D and was really looking forward to getting into a fun sim game.


I can't really figure out how to configure my AC6 Hori flightstick EX and the settings the game automatically sets up are completely useless. It basically allows me to look around and shoot but the joystick itself wasn't working.


Anyone have some good suggestions or even a profile I could load up? The settings are just really overwhelming with random acronyms that make no sense and I don't really have hours and hours of free time to just try setting things up by trial and error.


Any help at all would be appreciated.

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If you go to the Options screen, game controllers.

- In the aircraft, select KA-50 Real or Game depending on your gamemode (simulator or gaming mode)

- In the Category combobox, select "Axis Command" and you will get the Joystick Axis page.

- In the "Flight Control Collective" Row, and the AC6 Hori flightsick Column, click the box where the row + column meet. Click "Add". Now move the throttle on the joystick - it should be assigned.

Collective = Throttle

- Repeat for "Flight Control Cyclic Pitch", which is Up & Down.

- Repeat for Flight Control "Cyclic Roll", which is Left & right

- Repeat for "Flight Control Rudder", which is rudder / twisting.

Thats the most basix Axis for your joystick.

You can also find more about this in the DCS-BS GUI manual (in the startmenu under Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50) on page 19.

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Gotta get in their and configure some controls. The four main ones are cyclic roll (X-axis), cyclic pitch (Y-axis), rudder (Z-axis), and collective (throttle). You might want to put curves and deadzones on the cyclic X and Y to make the experience smoother.


Next is to look in the manual for the cyclic and collective sticks and figure out which buttons on your joystick will correspond to the real life sticks. There's a good reason Kamov made those buttons easy for the pilot to reach.


Pretty much everything else can be done with the mouse and clicking in the cockpit. If you have the time feel free to go through each category and use the "clear category" button. After that just go add in whatever key assignments you need. It looks a whole lot less daunting this way and honestly who needs a keybind to recap the fuel crossover switch?


Funny enough your joystick looks EXACTLY like a Saitek X-45 which is what I use so I can give you some specific pointers for controls if you like. I also have some experience with the Saitek profiler program if it turns out to be compatible. In fact you might be extremely lucky if that mini-stick on the right-hand control turns out to work with the Shkval absolute axes!!!

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its a clickable cockpit so thats the good news - you can get away with having to only really worry about mapping the essentials.


What i would recommend to ensure for starters:

- map your trimmer to an easily and oft accessed button.

- map the collective - not the throttle ... common error.

- map your weapon selections - cannon, inner/outer pylons

- map uncage schkval and use a hat to slew.

- map lock target.

- map you weapons releases. one for cannon - one for missiles

- map autohover.


The above mappings will give you enough to start with - the rest can be accessed easily in the clickable cockpit. try to ge trackir/freetrack if you can. If i forgot anything, i suppose the others in here will offer more direction.

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Okay can I get a bit more help. So I think I have some of the stuff setup right but I can't figure out how to get the rudder mapped. It seems that mine is very close to the X-45 and I figured the best way would be the button on the front of my throttle(can press the left and right side of it)


Problem is I can't figure out which button in the config menu corresponds to that one. I swear I have tried almost every one...

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On the X-45 throttle (left side) front there's a big rocker axis. If that is also the case on your joystick, make sure and assign it in the axes section of the controls. Rudder for example will have a button assignment and an axis assignment in the controls. The button assignment is for when you don't have an axis available. The axis will be much better. You won't be able to assign a control axis to a button or a button to an axis.


Opening up the axis assignment dialog and simply wiggling the axis should auto-detect it. No need to pick it out of the drop-down list.

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  • 3 years later...

any joy?


Hi budokaimr2,


Did you ever get this to work with your Hori Flightstick? I am finding the same as you. The rudder does not want to auto select by pressing it and I can not find another axis that works. (It actually looks like the rudder and collective are being read as the same Z axis)


Did you get it to work or did you give up in frustration?




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foind the answer


Hi All,


The aswer is here:



Install XBCD 0.2.7 then follow his excellent set up instructions. Then the Hori Flightstick EX2 works perfectly. Yay! :pilotfly:


( a shame that the game I wanted to use it on is not as much fun as working out how to make the controller work!! Still, Black Shark works well.)


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