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Order History Incomplete


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The no serial issue caused me to notice another issue. I bought Lock On Flaming Cliffs from the E-shop back in 2007. I still have the order confirmation email with the transaction ID and everything. The problem is, I don't see it under 'My Purchases' and therefore I don't have the serial number for it either.


I do happen to have the serial number saved since I backed up the registry entry long ago, but it'd be nice to know that my digital purchase was recorded and I could reattain my serial number if I ever needed it. It might even be related to the bigger issue at hand.


To all those that just purchased FC2 and don't have a serial number, is your order history accurate?


PS: To those in the unfortunate, same predicament, I recommend getting all your settings, mods, etc tweaked as much as you can to pass the time and still feel like you've actually received something for your purchase. Build a mission, look at the hot new encyclopedia. The new UI is slick! =P

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