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Need help with Aim 120 B/C's

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This is a picture taken a second after I launched an AIM-120C on a Mig 29.


From what I hear, there is some sort of timer on my hud which, until it reaches 0, i cannot unlock the target or else it will go ballistic. Every timer i see on my hud after launching never reaches 0, it goes down to one, then into tenths of a second, but never reaches 0.


Can someone point out to me where this timer is? Do both the C and B model require me to wait for this timer to reach 0 before unlocking?




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When you've got your target locked and an AIM-120 selected, you'll get a timer in bottom-right corner of the HUD prefixed with "M". This indicates the time until the missile would go active, if you launched it now. All the AIM-120s need to be guided by the launching platform until they're close enough to use their own radar, which occurs when the M-timer reaches 0. The number after the space isn't a fractional part of a second, but instead indicates the time-to-impact (I think).


When you launch it, this M-timer will appear in the bottom-left corner of the HUD, blinking. If you launch more than one missile, the timer is for the last missile launched.


Once the first number reaches 0, the missile is using its own radar for terminal guidance, and you can unlock the target.


If you're within range of your missile's radar, instead of the "M" timer appearing in the bottom right you'll get a "T" timer, which indicates the time to impact. The missile should go active as soon as it's launched.

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