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  1. The Ops Center By Mike Solyom Some of the best instructional videos on BFM ever made IMHO. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGylbmVAkEyOibhDVUYrPA/featured
  2. @BIGNEWY Here is a short track using latest DCS Open Beta. 27/06/22. I notice in Wags's demo video for EXP modes, he does so exclusively in DCPL mode only. - In air start. AP Alt hold. A2A Mode. HSD as SOI. Move cursor over Steerpoint - EXP1 and EXP2, back to Normal. Functions as expected. - Turn on CPL using OSB (Couple Distance with Radar) EXP 1 and EXP 2 show a reading far from Bullseye. Back to Normal and cursor is no longer n original position. Thanks for your work on DCS! Not sure why my short track is a bit over 5MB, so here it is on Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RbwSE3mwvuLRCgTjQXf0B8iAtZzCzum3/view?usp=sharing
  3. There seems to be a bug when zooming using the 2 EXP modes on the HSD with CPL on (radar range couple). In UNCPL uncoupled mode, the 2 EXP modes work fine. In this video, I slew the HSD cursor over a contact with CPL on. The Bulls Eye location is shown correctly. When I press the HOTAS Pinky button for EXP 1 and EXP 2, the HSD is nowhere near the contact and the Bulls Eye locations shown on the HSD are way off as well. When returning to Normal zoom on the, the HSD cursor is off to the side, and not where it was initially before selecting the EXP modes. I then repeat a 2nd time with the same results. After the 2 attempts with CPL on, I switch the HSD to DCPL and the EXP modes then work as intended. Thanks!
  4. I would think a revised manual for every change at every patch would just slow down releases a lot. Not really practical at all. The Changelog that lists changes and videos I think are fine. As long as the manual is eventually updated. It's the nature of a WIP. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
  5. Cruise Page implemented with today's patch. It will tell you many things, including optimum speed and alt for endurance.
  6. Thanks for the correction. I was mistakenly referring to the way the code is set in each jet to match the GBU, but this post is actually about changing the GBU code itself in flight, which as you say, is impossible.
  7. All 3 aircraft are made by different manufactures. The manufacturers are inconsistent, not DCS.
  8. Don't forget the essential Tacview! https://www.tacview.net/product/about/en/
  9. Perhaps some day we'll get a function in the options to set when AB kicks in. Sure would be handy.
  10. You get instant access to the ACM modes with out having to select them on the MFD. You can also preset your MFDs to show what you want in Dog Fight Mode and instantly have the preset available when you select Dog Fight. You don't always have time to set up your avionics when all of a sudden you get into a dog fight.
  11. Ye, it is handy even if it's ghetto compared to the Hornet I look forward to ED getting the kinks out. The Viper seems to be in the home stretch!
  12. So, how has everyone's experience with PTLD been? I have limited time to try it, but in a simple 'Start In Air' Mission I made, the octagon was rarely anywhere close to being accurately aligned with the contact friendlies and foes. It was sometimes just stuck in the same part of the sky. Maybe still heavily WIP?
  13. We need it modelled so the vent can be opened! Priority One! It gets stuffy in that cockpit.
  14. Me too. I will be late to my own funeral Hope you're enjoying the Apache!
  15. In Russia, Helicopter flies you! I believe you have necro'd a thread from 2011 about the Ka-50 asking about the Apache. Too much Apache on the brain
  16. Hope it gets fixed soon. The hard work is coming along nicely for the F-16!
  17. I wanted people to listen! Lol but 16:37
  18. Thanks! Found it, but I am looking forward to the update eagle eyed mhe noticed. Great stuff by team ED!
  19. 1) JTAC is targeting with a laser for you to use a LGB or Laser Maverick. Not meant for a Steerpoint. 2) Maybe Active Pause is creating errors.
  20. +1!!! I have an ancient CH Pro Throttle with a modded detent. I cannot physically change the location. Need a software setting in DCS. It's the only way to set it. The other sim, that we cannot talk about, you simply place the throttle where you want AB to start and press a button in the software. Simple and effective. Thanks ED!
  21. The other day I lost a wing, without 1 warning light. Obviously, damage model is not complete. It is still in Beta after all and lots to be done still.
  22. Good stuff. I just noticed this all last night while practicing. So, I just reverted to using the TGP and Mav in Pre as in PRE, after firing a Mav, the next one is looking where the TGP is. Much easier than when in VIS mode and the next Mav is looking straight up with no HUD indication. Bug or RL its a royal PITA!
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