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DCS:BS Using G25 pedals and FFB joystick together

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I've spent a good hour or so searching to avoid making a new thread.:lol:


I have G25 pedals I use for rudder and non-FFB Logitech Extreme 3D Joystick for Cyclic currently. Of course I had to set ForceFeedback = False to make trim work - all fine.


However I want to upgrade to a reasonable FFB stick to get proper use of trim feature. I will have reinstate ForceFeedback = true. But my question is, will the FFB joystick trimming feature work whilst the G25 is connected or will the G25 wheel and it's FFB interface interfere meaning I will not be able to make use of the joystick's FFB making the whole purchase pointless?




I could buy proper pedals, but my G25 pedals are integrated into my rig so it's not so easy to change. A G25 wheel must remain plugged in to the PC to make the pedals work, they won't work independently of the wheel.


Thanks for the oppertunity to ask.

Sim Rig || Pics 2010 |

PC 2019 || 8600K @ 4.8GHz | RTX2080ti OC | 32GB RAM @3000 | 500GB SSD | Win10 64bit |

PC 2010 || 2600K @ 3.4GHz | Zotac GTX680 | 8GB RAM | Win7 64bit Ultimate SP1 |

Cockpit || Joystick: T.16000M | Pedals: Logitech G25 | Throttle & Collective: Logitech Attack3 Modded | Button Box: G25 Shifter |

Cockpit || HP Reverb VR | Custom Frame & Seat | 3x Bass Shaker | 2:1 Game Sound | 2x Rear Head Rest Speakers Comms/Music |

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