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Custom .wavs trough LUA ?


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On of the shortcommings of the Lock On mission editor is the lack of the possibility to include custom sound files into the mission ( like Janes F/A-18 or Dangerous Waters ).


Now I had the idea if it wouldn't be possible trough LUA. I understand that the Lock On editor lacks triggers that initiate such events ( like Tank 1 approachs Point B -> play file "approachingtarget.wav" ) and that LUA can't mimic that function. So the dynamic playback of sound files in reaction to game events is impossible.


But good editors also usualy feature the possibility to play sound files simply after a certain amount of time and this can already be usefull in mission design. Would it be possible to mimic that function trough a tool using LUA ? I guess LUE exports the mission time, right ?

I imagine a small external tools where the mission designer can set mission times and assign a .wav file to it. Then when the mission is played the tool will check the mission time and play the assigned sound files at the right moment. Perhaps the tool could even automaticaly load the correct sound profile when a different mission is loaded in Lock On ?



With such a tool the quality of Lock On missions would do a giant leap forward. Many of the actions in Lock On aren't dynamc and the designer knows exactly at wich time a unit will cross wich point ( expecially ground units, these are completely predictable ). So to script sound files for these actions shouldn't be a problem. Together with a large set of usable .wav files, wich would have to be created by the community or borrowed elsewhere, Lock On missions would be much more imersive.


Some examples:

The old game Gunship! has an incredible amount of excellent sound samples covering armoured ground war. A good mission designer could script incredible ground engagements.

Stuff like tanks reporting their position, reporting enemy movements, requesting artillery strikes etc.


With custom sound files the player could be reasigned a different task on the mission trough a vocal briefing. With clever use of mission goals the player wouldn't suspect anyting of the comming change in mission until he hears it trough the radio.


One could script some limited ( because non dynamic ) FAC for the player.



The possibilitys would only be limited by the designers phantasy ( and the availability of someone recording the needed files ).

Now I don't have a clue about LUA scripting or programing, so I don't know if that idea is doable. But perhaps one of the experts would like to take up the idea. If that would work, it would be an incredible step forward for Lock On.

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this is actually a really cool idea.


imagine:: you are on a SAM hunt.


you are radioed by ur ground crew during the mission to change your objective and destroy few ground targets or protect your tanks for instance.


that is amazing.

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If Lock-on had CAS aircraft such as A-10 or SU-25 sound files and the triggers would be awesome. It'd be fun to get a call for help during a CAS patrol from ground forces in need of assistance or perhaps get a message when a SEAD flight dispatches a SAM telling you that you're free to go. Same thing for the higher flying stuff; how about for example an AWACS flight calling for help or sending you to assist friendly ground pounders getting attacked by fast movers? Nah, probably just too dull.



Lock on must have toe-brake functionality with differential braking

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