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Question on Su-25T

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I'm having terrible times getting the TV and LLTV systems to work on the Su-25T (havn't tried A10). Sometimes they work wonderfully and other times it seems they won't even turn on. I always get the little hud like thing in it but an actual picture of what the cameras are pointing at almost never displays. It truely looks just as though it is turned off except for the hud info in it. Perhaps it's a bug but I can't consistantly get the thing to work. I'm building my own missions so perhaps it is something in the mission design or weapons loadout but that really shouldn't effect it given it is an internal system for TV. I've tried tinkering with graphics settings but that seems to have no effect. Any thoughts?


System specs:

AMD XP2000+

Win XP SP2

Radeon 9600XT


SB Live 5.1

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It sounds like it might be a graphics problem rather than a systems problem. I have the exact same card as you and only once have I had that problem.

I'd turn off the Advanced Haze and I would lower the Sound Hardware Acceleration.

Try the A-10 as well to see if you get the same problem.

Try to see if there any difference between Instant Missions and regular Missions.


Check out KonKussion's page for tweaking discussion.


My Flight Sims Page

- Link to My Blog - Sims and Things - DCS Stuff++

- Up-to-Speed Guides to the old Lockon A10A and Su-25T

- Some missions [needs update]

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Try flying the Su25T quickstart mission a couple of times, or one of the stock missions and see if you get the same problem. If it all works fine in those missions then you'll know it's something to do with your missions, if you get the same problem then it could well be a bug.


Another possibility is you might have a corrupted file or a driver problem. You could try using Omega's version of the 5.6's. I'm using that driver with my 9800Pro and I haven't seen that problem.

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I went ahead and tried the A10 last night and got the exact same problem. Info for the seeker head and targeting designator displayed, but the TV image would not. This morning I loaded up a quick mission for the Su-25T and the TV worked just fine. After loading the quick mission I reran the exact same mission with the same loadout that wasn't working earlier and it worked just fine then too. Didn't think to try the A10 but next time it works I'll try it too if I remember. I'm running on regular 5.6 drivers. This problem seems to be an intermittent one as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It has always been consistant per session however. I guess running the quick mission first may solve the problem. I'll see if I can pin down what is causing it.

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