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SU-27/SU-33/MiG-29 bomb ripple interval


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Not really a bug, more a request. How difficult could it be for ED to enable the SU-27/SU-33/MiG-29 bomb ripple interval for dumb boms? The buttons are their on the cokpit, one can see them but dont work.


Speaking from a programmer-point-of-view my mind is this: All flyables except Su-25/T seem to share some common flightmodel. One can make F-18C flyable in MEInit.xml which proves that all flyables shares for a great deal the same FM. The A-10 is since FC an minor deviation exception on this assumption. Shouldnt it then be quite easily to also enable bomb ripple interval for the SU-27/SU-33/MiG-29?

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