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Interactive Checklist for Android/iPad/iPhone/Web

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I'm a complete newb, been working on a checklist application the last few days as I learn how to fly. Then, today, I just found iWarthog! Very nice.


Still, if you are looking for something much simpler, that isn't a standalone app, but a website based checklist (using jquery mobile), you can try this (also, works on iPhone iPad, or Android, or just a web browser).


I'll probably add checklists for more things (landing, armament, etc) - but like I said, I'm a complete newb, so... if anyone finds this useful and wants to suggest additions or changes, let me know.


I also think I could add lists for other simulators. So, ideally, you pick your game, your aircraft, and then the list you want....


Anyway, here it is: http://www.cubit.net/dcs/index.php



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