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  1. Well done Clarke and the team for all the hard work. Cant wait to fly in it
  2. 1st day purchase for me, but the trailer video sealed the deal Thanks
  3. What a wonderful module thanks ED, I am looking forward to learning all I can about it. My poor helicopters will be neglected that's for sure
  4. Hi mate, I use the default trimmer option in the special tab. I also trim often and in small increments. I think each person will have a different way of doing things, try a couple of the options see what works best for you. With such a small throw with an X52 over a stick with a long extension you may be best with the centre to trim method
  5. Hello, I have no files and am unable to reproduce this because of time constraints. Hoping between the front and back seats in a SP sandbox mission on Syria I did not switch off petrovich gui and once in the back seat had both AI menu's present together with no way of switching off the front seat one. The back seat one worked ok off and on but the Y shape from the front was constantly on. Swapping seats had no effect.
  6. Hope this will help some folks
  7. Will we get a module for the hind AI or update please
  8. Thanks for this, I can do a conventional landing, stops quicker than a Viggen
  9. Thanks ugra media for the latest update for your Syria map. Cyprus us stunning. Best map in DCS by far, take a pat on the back for outstanding quality
  10. If I make a 2nd iteration I will, it was really a quick checklist to help get started and combined with a rerun of Wags start up video should be a fairly easy flow
  11. As the title says, after release there may well be an updated version. Fingers crossed we are getting the hind today. Just pop this in the kneeboard you will find in your saved games folder
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