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Beer Call Mission!

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You are deployed at a forward air base. For this evenings mission you will practice ILS approaches in the circuit, with touch and goes. The landing officer is conducting a "grading" session (he is ex Navy!) and will grade you and all members of your squadron, who are taking part. You will attempt to group three pefect landings, ie, on glide slope and localizer and touch down less that 300 fpm. You will receive a verbal acknowledgement of your success or otherwise. For every "poor" landing you must achieve a good one, so the tally is equal to or greater than three, you then graduate with a beer!


This is a forward air base and enemy Helo's are in the area. The second part of the mission (which may be completed first) is to engage the enemy Helo's, to the west, conducting a coastal patrol. With one hour before dark, your decision will affect your visibility for flying later in the mission, its your call! You may continue to fly circuits into the night if you wish, but by then your squadron will be in the Mess!!


You are armed with AIM 9M*4, AGM 64D Mavrick*4 and Rockets. Deploy any of the weapons on board and observe and report their effectiveness. Be aware the enemy Helo's will return fire. There is rumoured to be a Black Shark pilot in the area with something to prove! Merely a rumour of course!


The weather for mission "VFR", is wind 055@15k, cloud base 5000', visibility good. The weather for the "IFR" mission is wind 055@15k, cloud base 1000' in heavy rain, visibility poor. There is therefore a crosswind component for take off and landing. You are a qualified Air Force pilot so you will start from the Ramp. Take off and landing is runway 090. Be sure to set HUD "Tapes" for radar altimeter and VVI, during start up.


Its approaching Dusk, you have 60 minutes before dark, as the sun descends below the cloud base you will see a "sunset" which will affect your visibility to the west, so be aware when using optics on the Litening!


Your entire squadron will join the circuit in pairs, then land. They will not assist you when/if you are engaged! You have AWACS support as "Overlord", if required.


Here is a simple video of a pilots effort;-




VFR and IFR missions attached.


EDIT. I have applied a "patch" to the missions;-




1. Final flight "Dodge" will no longer intervene with your engagement. They will just fly their circuits and land.

2. Enemy Helo's will remain on their patrol stations for longer. Previously they were bugging out too early. These two changes will give you the choice of when to engage (if at all;))

3. Improved radio messages.

4. Start improved, you are treated to a Blackhawk and Ah64 pair landing, while you start up!

5. A couple of surprises!


On the subject of start up. If you fly the IFR mission, just take a moment to listen to the rain on the cockpit....Well done ED! It makes you want to close that canopy!:thumbup:




Good Luck Sir.:thumbup:

Beer Call VFR.miz

Beer Call IFR.miz

Edited by Accipiter
Patched missions, changelog added

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Search User Files for "herky" for my uploaded missions. My flight sim videos on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/user/David Herky

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