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how to load missions with loman?

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ok im sure this has been addressed, so please dont flame me too bad.


ive done searches and im just not finding anything...


I downloaded a tutorial that is suppose to have voice over and i just dont know how to fly it....


i placed the ZIP file into the add-ons folder in Loman 2.1 and i installed it but when i go into game and go to open missions i cant find the one i need...


is there somewhere that tells you how to even use loman....


the website is all in french and i dont speak that.....Any help please...


also i wanted to download a mission but its in rar format and Loman says it cant read it....what do you do with these files...unrar them and rezip them?

PooHead: "Tower request Immedite Landing"

Tower: "Poohead what is the nature of your problem"

PooHead: "Tower the RIVER RUNETH BROWN"

Tower: "Acknowdleged cleared Hot, will have Bucket of water and Stain remover on stand by"

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For the first one, you're probably looking for Mission files . . . . go to the file type option at the bottom and select Track File first.



For the second, .rar files are another form of compression - like Zipped files, but compressed with a utility called WinRAR. Loman can't deal with these . . . . so you'll need WinRAR to open them up.


The mission probably (horror of horrors) isn't Loman compatible if it's a .rar file . . . . so you'll have to go through the difficulty of installing it manually.

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