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Monino Air Force Museum Russia


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Hey guys,


I am writing a small research paper(for school) and I am basing it off of the aircraft museum in Monino Russia. Basically I am writing about the evolution of Russian aviation and what the production for these aircraft meant to Russians from the early 1900s to post 1991. Nationalism blah blah.


I was wondering if any of you knew exactly how many aircraft are on display at the museum and from what eras? I am only in second year Russian so since the official website doesn't talk about Cats or Sandwiches I pretty much can't yield any information from it.


I read they have the flight suit of Gary Powers which I thought was pretty interesting!


I also bought a book by Scott Palmer called Dictatorship of the Air which seems to be exactly the kind of info I need(just not on the museum).


I did do a ED Forum search but it seems most of the posts are just awesome pictures from the museum.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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