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  1. I think that central trim option with the addition of a center reset button to reset neutral would be the best solution. We have to wait the release of a hotfix which adds that option.
  2. IMHO it´s a solid realease, in the context of this Open Beta release. There are things to polish, for example the adition of a center trim option, wich I think it´s on its way, other things are going to adress according as the development progress towards the stable version. In my case there´s a long way in order to learn all the systems and stuff that has come with this bird.
  3. Si, creo que Belsimtek ha servido para impulsar el modelo de third parties. Actualmente volvieron al core team de DCS, deben ser dentro del team los que más experincia tienen en la creación de módulos de ala rotatoria.
  4. That way worked for me! Thanks!
  5. They said that Patch will go live soon
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