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I have been running the Georgian campaign, and thus far the counter measures have taken care of any hostile A/G threats. Things have now taken a turn for the worse, and I am getting shot down every time I fly this part of the campaign so, I need to change tactics, so,

do I jink with a full payload,

send my wingman in and look at the threat on the TAD [although this seems cheating to me] then follow in,

go in low and fast and pop up at the end, [then I am back to square one]

alter the route,

not do anything, and wait for SEAD chaps to do their bit,

or, are all of the above wrong?


look forward to any input, and as always, thanks in advance.

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Let the SEAD chaps do their work first, then assess the situation and take action. Don't try to fight the war yourself. Use the assets that are available to you first and foremost.

Dusty Rhodes


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I send in CAP and SEAD first and climb to 15000 while they do their part. Once the scope is clear I start progressing the mission waypoints and check in with the JTAC. When I'm out of munitions I call in any other CAS groups available.


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